We Are Impedans Series - Production technician, Colin Curran

Position: Production technician

Bio: Colin is a recent bachelor’s graduate in mechanical engineering and renewable energy. He has joined Impedans straight from university to take up the role of Production Technician. In his spare time, he enjoys playing gaelic football.

What drew you to this career?
I have always had an interest in developing new things, solving problems and learning new things. I like to learn new things everyday and acquire knowledge to use practically when needed. Engineering and maths were my strong subjects during my school days. I have enjoyed creating things using lego or meccano as a kid which I believe has led me to study mechanical engineering.

What's the biggest challenge you faced when taking on this new role?
My biggest challenge was my lack of experience and knowledge in this field. As the days went by, I became familiar with the technology and was able to perform well. I also learnt that good time management is essential to meet tight deadlines.

What excites you about working for Impedans?
It excites me that Impedans is a growing company in its field and is developing state of the art technology all the time. There is huge potential to be part of a successful company with opportunities to learn and develop new skills.

How would you describe your role in one word?
Challenging! Being a recent graduate working at Impedans right after college, it is very challenging to learn this new technology and also deliver my role at the same time. But, I’m learning everyday to perform at a high level.

How would you describe your experience so far at Impedans?
My experience so far has been positive and im enjoying work at Impedans. I felt I was part of the team from day 1, which highly motivates me to work. I’m also learning many new things and developing new skills from others.

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