We Are Impedans Series - Production Manager, David Finlay

Position: Production Manager

Bio: David is a ‘Bachelor of Engineering in Electronic Engineering’ graduate, he first began his role at Impedans as an electronic engineer and have progressed to the role of production manager. He prides himself on delivering the monthly targets on shipments with a hands on approach. He believes in a lead by example kind of approach to all matters and also believes that hard work pays off. In his spare time he goes to the gym, and run. He is also involved in crossfit and enjoy entering adventure races as well as triathlons.

What drew you to this career?
I was always interested in problem solving, and was strong at both maths and physics in school so engineering was the obvious path for me. Electronics and circuit boards have always fascinated me and I have been taking apart old computers for as long as I can remember. While at university I got involved with robotics and creating my own little projects using electronics. I always had an interest in business also, so the management side of engineering always interested me all the way through my studies.

What's the biggest challenge you faced when taking on this new role?
The biggest challenge I faced in this role is that managing staff and processes in a manner which allows the targets to be hit all while ensuring customer satisfaction. This involves keeping communication lines open with sales, production, R&D and logistics teams.

What excites you about working for Impedans?
The exciting part of working for Impedans is that, the area which we are involved in is cutting edge technology which is essential in the advancement of both research and manufacturing areas in plasma technology. This means that we are constantly learning and growing as staff, gaining further understanding about the needs and advancements in this field. It is also discussing the different aspects of the business with members of each team in Impedans, finding out what new and interesting projects are in the pipeline for the future.

How would you describe your role in one word?
Agile. In a manufacturing and production environment, one must be ready for things to change rapidly, situations arise where certain plans may need to be altered. On a day-to-day basis we must constantly re-evaluate our plans with a final target in mind. When dealing with high-tech equipment, things may go wrong on a circuit board and we must make quick and definite decisions in order to keep the production on track.

How would you describe your experience so far at Impedans?
My experience with Impedans so far has been nothing but positive, I thoroughly enjoy the work here and have found that hard work pays off as I have found advancement within the company. I have gained a lot of knowledge and practical experience in multiple fields, and this is a continuous process. Impedans have also helped me to continue my studies with a Level 9 post-grad diploma in Operations Management in DCU. The continuing feeling of personal development and advancement has given me a great feeling of accomplishment in the workplace.

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