We Are Impedans Series - Marketing Executive, Riyazul A. Mohamed

Position: Marketing Executive

Bio: Riyazul is a master in Marketing from National University of Ireland (NUIG), Ireland. Early in his career, he gained technological knowledge working on iOS mobile application development with a young tech start-up called Hibrise Technologies having a 200+ personal network in the food space. He was able to wear multiple hats and worked closely with different teams that helped him to acquire more knowledge. He later focused on getting hands-on experience in learning and implementing marketing strategies that helped him to study his masters in NUIG. His combined knowledge of technology and marketing have helped him to become the marketing executive here at Impedans. In his spare time, he likes to show the world how he sees through his camera lens and enjoys playing snooker

What drew you to this career?
Since high school, I was always interested in computers - both hardware and software which led me to study my Bachelors in Information Technology. During my undergraduate studies, where I was generating many ideas for my dream startup, I learnt that any product or service needed good marketing to be successful. Also, having a keen interest in computers, I decided to work in a tech firm where I developed various iOS mobile applications. Gaining enough knowledge about the tech space, I was appointed to the management team to assist with marketing strategies and sales. Gaining hands-on experience in marketing, I decided to study my masters in marketing to acquire a fuller knowledge of marketing. After graduating from the master's programme, I started to work at Impedans taking care of the marketing activities for the company.

What's the biggest challenge you faced when taking on this new role?
Technology! Marketing is all about knowing every detail about the organisation and its products/services to help create the right marketing strategy. Impedans focuses on a niche technology for measuring plasma processes and developing diagnostic solutions for many of the big players using plasma processing for industrial manufacturing. This needs good knowledge of plasma physics to understand what the organisation does, which is very challenging to learn. Every day is very interesting to learn different things about what we do that help me to play my role to the best of my ability. There is much more to learn what I’m looking forward to it.

What excites you about working for Impedans?
There is always something new to learn, not just regarding marketing, but also about the company’s cutting edge technology. Moreover, I also enjoy working with great minds in my team where I get to learn many interesting things that help me to grow - both professionally and personally. Working with great minds at Impedans is always challenging and fun. I get both at Impedans!

How would you describe your role in one word?
Marketing! I work closely with the company’s acting CEO, to carve marketing strategies that reflect the ROI directly. My typical work is designing, marketing/promoting our brand and products, analysing metrics for creating KPIs.

How would you describe your experience so far at Impedans?
My journey so far with Impedans has been interesting with many challenges and lots of new things to learn. I’m looking forward to lots more of this too. I have been able to improve on my existing skills and learning more to contribute better. My colleagues are great to work with and I have built strong relationships in a short time - both professionally and personally. The work culture is very flexible, that helps us to increase our productivity without any stress.

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