We Are Impedans Series - JJ Lennon, COO

Position: Chief Operations Officer

Bio: JJ is a mechanical and manufacturing engineering graduate and has risen through the ranks here in Impedans. He first began as a mechanical engineer before progressing to the role of production manager. From there he became COO and now oversees the internal processes for the whole company. He prides himself on delivering results through continuous improvement and lean thinking. In his free time, he plays the Irish sport of hurling which he urges anyone who hasn't heard of it to look it up, he also plays some golf with a handicap of 16 and follows Tottenham Hotspur football club.
What drew you to this career?
I have always been interested in designing something new and coming up with new ways of solving problems. Originally I was tempted by architecture but I started using solid-works in school and found myself drawing and animating a car engine in my spare time and I then realized how interested I was in mechanical design. That lead me to my degree where I found the manufacturing process very interesting, from there opportunity led me to the operations role at Impedans.

What's the biggest challenge you faced when taking on this new role?
I guess the biggest challenge I faced was my inexperience in the role. I had never managed people or process' before and I was always conscious that I might not be doing things the right way. Over time and speaking to others in similar roles I discovered that most of what we do is similar to other companies and that there is not always necessarily a correct way, the correct way is the way that works best for our customers.

What excites you about working for Impedans?
The innovation and opportunity in our field of plasma is right at the cutting edge of modern technology. It is really interesting to see what customers use our sensors for and the benefits they achieve. Also looking at the advantages that our sensors have you can really get a sense that we are achieving big things in an industry that is slowly realizing that measuring the plasma, not the inputs, is the way forward.

How would you describe your role in one word?
Facilitating. I just help to organize and put the systems and processes in place to allow our staff to deliver the best possible result to our customers. We hire staff that are innovative and who have great communication skills and integrity. Customer support is paramount and so it is my job to allow them to deliver that service, in a consistent and controlled way, to our customers.

How would you describe your experience so far at Impedans?
Rewarding. I have been working in Impedans for a number of years and I am seeing the company grow. I've seen us implementing new quality procedures, releasing new technology and improving our customers understanding of plasma. I feel like I am growing alongside it and that there are bigger brighter things coming in the near future as the industry realizes the power of our knowledge and sensors.

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