We Are Impedans series - Andy Correa, Full Stack Developer

Position: Full Stack Developer

Bio: Andy's perfectionist mentality and attention to detail led him to pursue a career path as a full stack developer completing an intensive programme at Code Institute. Andy hasn't always been a coder. In his past life, he was an exceptional baker and has always been a passionate individual who prides himself on creating long-lasting relationships. With his many years of experience in hospitality, Andy finally decided to put up his chef hat for the glamorous life of a coder. His expertise in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and much more has allowed him to excel in this multifaceted area.

What drew you to this career?
A big draw for me coming from a retail/service background was growth opportunities, schedules and of course the salary. Trying to get ahead in service/retail is very challenging and it takes years to climb the ladder. With IT and computer science being such a broad discipline, diagonal growth is much more achievable. Perhaps it won't be the typical vertical trajectory as well defined as say, the kitchen (kitchen porter, prep/stock, garde mangier/chef de partie, line cook, asst. cook, chef, executive chef, give or take), but there are lots of opportunities to grow and expand your knowledge base. Also, the working hours and flexibility to avoid rush-hour traffic was another huge incentive.

What's important in your field and what are the latest developments in your field?
Web development is constantly growing, changing and evolving. So it's extremely important to keep on top of trends and to keep up with new libraries, frameworks, tools, etc. Things like machine learning and AI will be hugely influential in data analysis (they already are and they will only become more prevalent as tools are created, developed and streamlined). For us, incorporating machine learning to work on real time streaming data at microsecond scales would be hugely influential and beneficial, and I would be eager to give it a shot, in time. when we evolve Expert Platform into the best it can be.

What's been the hardest thing you've had to face in your career, and how did you overcome it?
When I started, I was trying to cram as much information as possible while digesting it and processing it, there was a very steep learning curve. I haven't overcome that and I don't think I ever will, but that is one of the biggest draws for me in this field. The constant need to self-evolve and learn. I truly enjoy the challenges I'm given.

What excites you about working for Impedans?
That I get to create cool useful tools that nobody else (I think) has done before in this regard. We're setting trends and developing breakthrough products, with the highest quality standards and as such it really appeals to my perfectionist personality. I am allowed to learn and grow alongside the company itself and develop my skillset towards what the company needs. Effectively growing into a more senior position in respect to my skillset that I can keep applying towards being more effective in this particular role.

What's the most exciting development you've witnessed since joining the company?
Constant organic growth. Adding the right people for the right roles as they are needed indicates stability and wisdom and for me, that translates into security and commitment. Not remaining stagnant before competitors, but always trying to come up with a nice breakthrough product, something only we can offer, that is exciting!

How would you describe the company culture?
Relaxed, friendly, supportive. Everyone has been patient and understanding with me and I appreciate the fact that they understand that a lot of what I'm doing is new to me but also didn't exist before. Being offered help on how to piece together libraries and code and having an extremely passionate and knowledgeable senior developer I can turn to when I'm having issues is very relieving and also encouraging.

How would you describe Impedans in one word?
Supportive. I've felt very scared at times that I wasn't cutting it. For a while every day I came in, I wondered if that was the day I was going to be let go. Apparently, it's called "impostor syndrome" in the IT world. But my colleagues have assuaged those doubts and now I feel like this is the right place to be.

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