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How to identify vital signs of a plasma process

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The human body is extraordinarily complex. Our physical and mental performance is dependent on the health and fitness of our major organs. As long as we keep our vital organs in good condition, we can work with optimum efficiency. We generally know how well our bodies are functioning. Occasionally, we feel under the weather and we may consult a GP for a diagnosis. The GP will want to check some or all of your vital signs; pulse rate, body temperature, respiration rate and blood pressure.

Admittedly, I am no GP, but I find an interesting analogy between the health of the human body and that of a plasma processing tool! Lets look at the vital signs with this analogy in mind.

Pulse rate and pulse shape (ECG) are critical indicators of our cardiovascular health. The heart really is the bodies main power supply. Modern plasma processes are also driven by pulsed RF power supplies. Just like the human body, the pulse rate and pulse shape are critical parameters to be monitored to determine the stability of the plasma process.

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