Semion Multi Features

Semion Ion Energy Analyser Electronics and Software

Electronics UnitThe user-friendly high energy electronics and software takes accurate and reliable data to provide industry leading ion energy distribution and ion flux measurements. Using intelligent analysis, the optimal plasma parameter measurements are performed easily and repeatedly.

Sensor Holder

The retarding field energy analyser (RFEA) holder is available in various sizes (150mm, 200mm, 300mm, 450mm and Custom Shapes). It sits on a grounded or biased electrode and is used to hold the replaceable Button Probe Sensors. It is available a number of materials including aluminium, anodised aluminium & stainless steel (custom materials are available).

Holder Options

Replaceable Button Probe

Button ProbesThe Semion Button Probe is a compact Retarding Field Energy Analyser (RFEA) which is designed to support continuous Semion system operation. When the probe is coated or etched away after a long period of exposure to reactive or insulating plasmas, the sensing element (Button Probe) can easily be replaced. 


The Semion Ion Energy Analyser is simple to install and requires no adjustments to your plasma chamber. It is a portable system and can be used across a number of different chambers.