Quantum Single Specifications

Measuring Parameters

Ion Energy Range 2000eV - Vdc
Ion Current 2mA DC max
Ion Flux Ranges Std: 0.01 - 50 (A/m²) (Custom Available)
IEDF Resolution ± 1eV nominal
Crystal Measurement Channels 1

Crystal Monitor

Frequency Range 3.5MHz to 6.1MHz
Frequency Resolution 1 Hz
Mass Resolution (at crystal) 12.3ng/cm²
Mass Resolution (at sensor surface) 372.73ng/cm²
Film Thickness Resolution (Copper)
Measurement Update Rate 1 measurements / sec minimum

RFEA Probe

Probe Configuration 4-grid
Button Probe Diameter 33mm
Holder Diameter 100mm (4”), 300mm (12”) as standard
Holder Thickness 5mm
Max Operating Temperature 150ºC
Max RF Bias Voltage 900V pk-to-pk
Max DC Bias Voltage -1940V
RF Bias Frequency Range 100kHz to 80MHz
Probe Enclosure and Holder Material Aluminium, anodised aluminium, stainless steel* and ceramic (Al2O3)*
RFEA Probe Cable Length 650mm standard (custom available)

*on request

Feed-Through Assembly

Flange Type CF40 (custom available)

Control Unit Electronics

Grid Voltage Range -2kV to +2kV
Current Range 100pA to 2.4mA
Connectivity USB 2.0

Application Software

Operating System Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Operating Parameters

Pressure (Pascal) 0 to 40Pa*
Pressure (Torr) 0 to 300mTorr*
Density (for Ar at 3eV) 1012 to 1018m-3
Gas Reactivity Inert to highly reactive
Power Frequency 100kHz to 80MHz

*dependent on ion mean free path