Plato Probe Specifications

Measuring Parameters

Plasma Density 1x10⁶ to 3x10¹³cm⁻³
Ion Current Density 1µA/cm² to 300mA/cm²
Electron Temperature 0.1 to 15eV

Plato Probe Specifications

Plasma Power Source DC, RF, Microwave, Continuous, Pulsed Plasma
RF Plasma Broadband Probe 13.56MHz to 100MHz
Probe Length 300mm to 1400mm (Custom Available)
Probe Diameter 9.5mm
Probe Tip Diameter 7mm
Probe Customisation On Request
Maximum Operating Temperature 230°C

Electronics Control Unit

Probe Voltage Scan Range Floating Potential ±30V
Current Range 100nA to 20mA
Communication USB 2.0
Signal Bandwidth 40 kHz
Data Acquisition Resolution 4.5mV, 4.5nA
Time Resolved Step Resolution 10µs to 1ms
External Trigger 10Hz to 50KHz

Application Software

Operating System Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Operating Parameters

Pressure (Pascal) <0.1Pa to 1,000Pa
Pressure (Torr) <1mTorr to 10Torr
Density 10⁶cm⁻³ to 10¹⁴cm⁻³
Gas Reactivity Inert to Highly Reactive
Power Frequency DC (0kHz) • pDC (10Hz to 50kHz) • RF (13.56MHz to 100MHz)
UHF (100MHz to 1GHz) Microwave (1GHz to 3 GHz)