PECVD Plasma

PECVD PlasmaPlasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) is used to deposit thin films from a gas state to a solid state on a substrate. The process uses a plasma generally created by RF frequency or DC discharge between two electrodes. There is a need to measure the plasma uniformity of plasma density and electron temperature to understand the reaction rate of processes of interest.

Semion Sensors

The Semion Sensor measures the uniformity of ion energies hitting a surface in a plasma chamber.

SE01: Ion energy distributions in bipolar pulsed DC discharges of methane measured at the biased cathode
In this paper, the authors study the ion energy distributions (IED) of CH4 plasmas measured with a compact RFEA Semion system from Impedans Ltd placed at the biased electrode, which acts as cathode and coincides with the substrate location for DLC deposition.

Vertex Sensors

The Vertex Sensor measures the angle of ions hitting a surface inside a plasma reactor to analyse ion angle uniformity.

Quantum Sensors

The Quantum is a unique instrument to measure the ratio of ions to neutrals hitting a surface inside a plasma reactor.

Species Sensors

The Species Sensor measures the uniformity of ion species (mass) hitting a surface in a plasma chamber.

Langmuir Probes

The Langmuir Probe is one of the most common and widely used plasma diagnostics and measures plasma parameters in the bulk of the plasma.

LP06: A study of plasma parameters in a BAI 730 M triode ion plating system by means of a Langmuir probe and plasma mass and energy spectroscopy
This paper compares the results obtained by the Langmuir plasma probe with the results of energy and mass resolved plasma spectroscopy during three modes of operation (heating, etching, deposition) in a commercial triode ion plating system (Blazers BAI 730 M) used to deposit hard coatings like TiN, CrN and Ti(C,N).

Plato Probes

The Plato Probe operates in the bulk of a plasma and measures parameters even when depositing an insulating layer up to 10 microns thick on the probe surface.

Bdot Probes

The Bdot Probe measures the time varying rate of change in the magnetic field in the bulk of the plasma.

Octiv Range

The Octiv is an in-line RF voltage, current and phase measurement system. It can measure fundamental frequencies and harmonics with frequency agility at 1% accuracy and 1µs time resolution.

OC01: Ion flux as an alternative deposition rate parameter
Study demonstrating ion flux to be a better parameter when trying to predict plasma polymerization processes.

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