Octiv VI Probe Technology - Industrial Communication Protocols

Octiv Ethernet Protocols

Industrial Communication Protocols

Learn about communication protocols and how the Industrial Octiv has been developed to enable fast, reliable, scalable, real-time communication of measurements through ethernet networks.  


In this technical note, communication via industrial protocols such as EtherCat and Ethernet/IP are described. The Octiv VI probe is an advanced and versatile radio-frequency (RF) voltage and current sensor. It can be used in a variety of installation environments and has a wide range of applications. It sees widespread deployment on RF processing equipment used in the semiconductor (and related industries) and in the medical market. For research and development (R&D) activities, the Octiv application software supplied with the product is sufficient for data management. For industrial applications, customers want to process and store data in their own systems and therefore the flexibility to transmit the Octiv data using a range of protocols is critical.

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