The most advanced Langmuir Probe on the market

How do you check if your plasma process is the same each time?

- Measure your plasma parameters!

The Langmuir Probe is one of the most common and widely used plasma diagnostics. It can be used in many different plasma applications up to atmospheric pressures. By measuring plasma parameters, models can be verified and processes can be optimised to ensure stability.

With a Single Langmuir Probe you can measure:

Current Voltage IV characteristic of a single Langmuir probe

• Floating Potential

• Plasma Potential*

• Plasma Density*

• Ion Current Density

• Electron Temperature (Te)*

• Electron Energy Distribution Function (EEDF)

* Double probe parameters measured

Novice user Expert user
Not sure which theory to use? Just input your pressure, and let the software do the rest Advanced Algorithms: La Framboise, Allen Boyd Reynolds, Orbital Motion Limited
Need a Single or Double Probe? We give you 2 probes in one - interchangeable heads Customisable Configuration Settings
We will give you support and expertise Advanced averaging and results quickly (12.5ns)

Langmuir Probe

Whether your plasma is DC, RF, Continuous or pulsed, we have built-in filtering and you can sync your source with the probe using a TTL input.

Enable automated translational measurements with our fully integrated linear drive.

Custom probe lengths and right angle options available.