Integrated Sensors for Production

Integrated Sensors

Sensing with 20/20 RF Vision

Impedans offer a range of products, designed specifically for integration with your industrial processing equipment. These integrated sensors provide a live diagnostic capability for your process. This allows you to make intelligent decisions about the health of the process equipment. Timely intervention can prevent product scrappage. A live diagnostic can also reduce tool qualification time and help enable the move toward predictive (as opposed to preventative) maintenance.

For real time process diagnosis, ex-situ sensors are the preferred option since they are non-invasive and relatively easy to integrate. The RF path provides a window into the process and is ideal for diagnostic deployment. Whether you are an OEM or End User, Impedans can provide you with an integrated solution for RF sensing applications such as Chamber Matching, Chamber Fingerprinting, RF Subsystem Health, Arc & Event Detection.

The intelligent choice for the Smart,
Connected Factory

Embracing the Most Advaned Concepts To Revolutionize Process Dignostic Monitoring

Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) | Big Data Analytics | Artificial Intelligence | The Cloud

Providing real-time process feedback to enable critical decision making


RF Sensing Platform

Ethernet Enabled | Industrial Communication Protocols | Customisable Form Factor | Full Integration Service

Process Health | Chamber Matching | Process Fingerprinting | Fault Detection | Substrate Placement


RF Event Detection

Ethernet Enabled | Industrial Communication Protocols | Pre-Match Design | Full Integration Service

Process Arcs | Instabilities | Ingition Phenomena | Missing RF Pulses

Ethernet | EtherCAT | Ethernet/IP

The Industrial Octiv and Alfven products are built on our best-in-class VI probe platform. They are designed with process equipment integration in mind. Communicate directly with the factory host using the Ethernet connectivity, using the main industrial protocols.