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Reading and Writing at the Atomic Scale

The pulsed plasmas used for EUV light generation for lithography applications has the side effect of coating the lenses used to focus it. Understanding this plasma is critical to understanding how to improve performance.

Electron beams are used for various imaging applications, the energy and divergence of these beams play a major role in performance and needs to be measured and understood.

Impedans offer a range of products suitable for EUV and other imaging applications. We have products suited for research and development and/or new equipment design.

EUV Generation | Z-pinch | Electron Beam Imaging

Working with the most advanced patterning or imaging technologies?
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Plasma and Beam Meausement

Measuring your critical plasma and beam properties


Plasma Volume Characterisation

Single & Double Probe Combined | Advanced RF Compensation | High Speed Acqusition | Spatial Scanning

Fundamental Research | Process Development | Equipment Design | Model Validation


Ion Energy Distribution Analysis

Substrate Bias Compatible | High RF Bias Resistant | Easily Installed | High Temperature Resistant

Process Parameters Correlation with Process Outcome | Process Uniformity | Process Development | Equipment Design