Plasmas are used across many industries and indeed in many research institutions across the world. In recent years the global plasma community have tried to distinguish the use of plasma into distinct applications. While the list is ever evolving and applications are rapidly improving some key areas have become more prominent across industry and research.

Impedans provide plasma measurement systems to a wide variety of applications like: atmospheric pressure plasma, dusty plasma, etching plasma, HiPIMS (High powered impulse magnetron sputtering), ion beam, PECVD (plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition), space plasma, and sputtering plasma.

Each of these applications are evolving at a rapid rate and the need for improvement is growing every day. Industry and research know they must push the technology harder and are pushing to control the plasma. Impedans maintain that first you must measure a plasma, then begin to understand the plasma, once this is achieved both industry and research can learn to truly control the plasma.

Dusty Plasma

HiPIMS Plasma

Ion Beam

PECVD Plasma

Plasma Etching

Space Plasma

Sputtering Plasma