Alfven Features

  • 50 ohm characteristic impedance
  • Designed for pre-match installation
  • RF voltage and current event detection with 1 µs time resolution
  • Interchangeable connectors
  • Compact probe design
  • Network API for software integration

The Alfven | 100™ RF Event Detector is designed to monitor short lived, unexpected events in radio frequency (RF) and plasma processes, that can cause product scrappage and significant cost to the manufacturer. The Alfven | 100™ RF Event Detector application runs on our best-in-class VI probe technology platform. It monitors events such as arcs, ignition phenomena and instabilities, in plasma and other RF processes, with 1 μs resolution. It detects events in both the voltage and current signals.

Our intelligent sensing platform is fully web enabled. Use one of the Ethernet ports to connect to a PC to run our proprietary application software. For a fully connected solution, interface with the process tool or the factory host through the Ethernet connection. Industrial protocols such as EtherNet/IP and EtherCAT are supported.

Plasma processes, in semiconductor (and related industries), such as plasma etching, PVD and PECVD are susceptible to events such as arcs, instabilities and ignition phenomena. The Alfven | 100™ will detect these events and send real time information to the engineer to enable corrective action.