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Assisting With the Next Phase of Space Exploration

Plasma measurement is an integral part of space related and military research. Applications include plasma thruster research for satellite and rocket propulsion. The radio blackout period during space craft re-entry, caused by plasma formation, is an impotant area of research. The plasma environment in space is being investigated using plasma diagnostics since it can affect inter-spacecraft docking. Explosion research for military applications is another area utilising plasma diagnostic techniques.

Use our plasma expertise to explore suitable dianostics
for your novel aerospace applications

Plasma Measurement

Suitable for the most extreme environments


Plasma Volume Characterisation

Single & Double Probe Combined | Advanced RF Compensation | High Speed Acqusition | Spatial Scanning

Fundamental Research | Process Development | Equipment Design | Model Validation


Ion Energy Distribution Analysis

Substrate Bias Compatible | High RF Bias Resistant | Easily Installed | High Temperature Resistant

Process Parameters Correlation with Process Outcome | Process Uniformity | Process Development | Equipment Design

General RF Power & Impedance

Determining the health of your RF process using our unique RF sensing platform


RF Sensing Platform

Interchangeable Connectors | USB & RS232 Protocols | Multiple Frequency Ranges on One Unit | Wide Power Range

Power Metering | Match Network Characterization | RF Subsystem Health | Process Monitoring